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Manufacturing of diamonds is a very complex and time-consuming process. It requires a lot of human skills and modern machinery.
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Grading System
When the manufacturing process is completed over the rough diamonds, they are sent to grading department. Polished diamonds are graded.
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This section contains basics of diamonds and explanation of some advanced topics. We strongly recommend going through this section.
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Manufacturing Unit   Mumbai Office

M/s Jeely

Contact Person: Mr.Gunvant Shah/Mr. Prakash shah

Krishnamurti Building, Nishal Faliu,

Opp. Hari Om Bunglow,

Katargam Main Road,


Gujarat, India

Phone: +91 261 2538022, 2538023

Fax: +91 261 2532899

Mobile: +91 98250 53708

Contact us toll-free with computer phone [Account: jeely.prakash]

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Please click following button to call us.

M/s Jeely

Contact Person: Mr. Abhi Shah

DW - 5220, 5th Floor D,
Tower West Core Bharat Diamond Bourse,
Bkc, Bandra (East),
Mumbai - 400051,
Maharastra, India.

Phone: +91 22 23680400 / +91 22 33928436

Fax: +91 22 23680400

Mobile: +91 98335 29193 / +91 98206 94640

(Please note that we manufacture and deal only with natural diamonds. We do not manufacture or deal with treated, synthetic, HPHT processed or drilled diamonds. Please do not contact us for other than natural diamonds.)
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